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In accordance with its mission, the Coalition of Domestic Observers is observing the preparations and implementation of all aspects of the 25 June 2017 Albanian Assembly Elections.

For Election Day and the counting process, CDO is deploying approximately 1,600 observers that will assess:

-the voting process at 541 randomly selected polling stations across the country;

-the general environment around polling stations, through 180 mobile observers;

-the work of the Zonal Electoral Administration Commissions, through 180 observers;

-the counting process until its conclusion.

The 541 polling stations to be observed during the election day have been selected using a random, stratified, and representative sampling methodology. This sampling methodology enables CDO to generalize Election Day observation findings to provide a nationwide assessment of the process.

2017 Elections – Data



2-3 February 2017, Hotel Tirana International, Tirana


Despite remarkable improvements, Albanian democracy still lacks proper involvement and participation of citizens in the decision making process and efficient mechanisms to hold elected representatives and state officials accountable. Citizens are enabled to express their will through electoral processes, once every few years, processes in which the possibility for effective selection of candidates or candidacies is being narrowed.


To have a discussion on these matters and initiate a public debate on the need to address the regulation of the right of Albanian citizens to participate fully in the decision-making process of the country, KRIIK Albania, in collaboration with the Coalition of Domestic Observers (CDO) are organizing the International Conference “We the People; Citizens’ Participation and Direct Democracy”. The Conference will be realized on 2-3 February 2017, at Hotel Tirana International. An opportunity to exchange opinions on ways to empower Albanian citizens, as an alignment of all actors, both political and civic.


The moment of the organization of this Conference is a good opportunity to address this major matter by the political parties already during the electoral campaign for the 18 June 2017 Parliamentary Elections and follow up by the decision-makers coming out of these elections, especially the governing majority, in the concretization of direct forms of direct democracy, as well as other legal mechanisms that aim to empower the citizens’ will.


The International Conference “We the People; Citizens’ Participation and Direct Democracy” is made possible through the financial support and special contribution of the Embassy of Switzerland in Albania, and the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Albania.

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ANNOUNCEMENT - Series of Round tables on Electoral Corruption and Citizens Participation - 19-22 December 2016!

Dates of the events:

- Shkodër  – 19 December 2016, at the premises of Rozafa Hotel

- Vlorë       – 20 December 2016, at the premises of Pavarësia Hotel

- Durrës     – 21 December 2016, at the premises of Palace of Culture

- Berat       – 22 December 2016, at the premises of Tomorri Hotel

Topics of the round-table:


1.      The long transition of the Albanian democracy and lack of trust.

2.      Threats of state capture by unknown and illegal interests.

3.      Electoral corruption and the three dimensions of electoral processes.






09:45 - 10:00   Registration of participants.


10:00 - 10:10   Opening remarks, moderator, representative of KRIIK / CDO.


10:10 - 10:40   “Electoral corruption” representative of KRIIK / CDO.

- Deformation of the democratic will, what is electoral corruption, how can democratic will be deformed, citizens’ trust in the power of the vote, how much change does a vote make.

- Management of the electoral process, management of the electoral process by relevant institutions, i.e. the Central Election Commission, the Commissions of Election Administration Zones, etc..

- Finances of political parties, what is the legal regulation, how efficient has been the legal framework until now, what are the legal loopholes that leave space for abuse, how do finances of political parties affect state capture.

- Electoral justice, fight against vote buying and use of public administration, role of the responsible institutions, strengthening of institutions to stay away from political pressure, the role of the citizens in strengthening institutions and investing them.


10:40 - 11:20   “Reforms and institutional processes”, representative of KRIIK/CDO.

- Decriminalization, legal provisions, responsible institutions, progress to date, what are the challenges in implementing it.

- Electoral Reform, the progress of the reform to date, the failure of the reform until now, main issues to be addressed.

- Elections of 18 June 2017, the political context, the weight in the Justice Reform, the problematic that might manifest, uncertainties for the upcoming elections, mechanisms that citizens can use.


11:20 – 12.20  Exchange of opinions and open discussions by the participants.

Opening of the session with a short presentation on “Electoral corruption and challenges at the local level”


12:20 - 12:30   Conclusions.


12:30               Closing of the activity / Coffee.


* During the activity will NOT be provided translation in English.

The parliamentary elections of 18 June 2017; challenges and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the actual politic-institutional context and the risks the process faces !

Progress of the by-elections in the Municipality of Kolonja and the impingement of expectations for local governance !

The fake assumption of independence of the Institution of Central Election Commission, as a failure of the aspiration of the 2012 Electoral Reform !

Activists of Albanian Coalition of Domestic Observers observe the Presidential Elections in Moldova of October 30th, in the frame of International Elections Observation Mission of ENEMO !

The immediate start of the work by the Ad-Hoc Parliamentary Committee, indispensable for avoiding the failure of the process for the Electoral Reform !

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