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In accordance with its mission, the Coalition of Domestic Observers is observing the preparations and implementation of all aspects of the 25 June 2017 Albanian Assembly Elections.

For Election Day and the counting process, CDO is deploying approximately 1,600 observers that will assess:

-the voting process at 541 randomly selected polling stations across the country;

-the general environment around polling stations, through 180 mobile observers;

-the work of the Zonal Electoral Administration Commissions, through 180 observers;

-the counting process until its conclusion.

The 541 polling stations to be observed during the election day have been selected using a random, stratified, and representative sampling methodology. This sampling methodology enables CDO to generalize Election Day observation findings to provide a nationwide assessment of the process.

2017 Elections – Data



2-3 February 2017, Hotel Tirana International, Tirana


Despite remarkable improvements, Albanian democracy still lacks proper involvement and participation of citizens in the decision making process and efficient mechanisms to hold elected representatives and state officials accountable. Citizens are enabled to express their will through electoral processes, once every few years, processes in which the possibility for effective selection of candidates or candidacies is being narrowed.


To have a discussion on these matters and initiate a public debate on the need to address the regulation of the right of Albanian citizens to participate fully in the decision-making process of the country, KRIIK Albania, in collaboration with the Coalition of Domestic Observers (CDO) are organizing the International Conference “We the People; Citizens’ Participation and Direct Democracy”. The Conference will be realized on 2-3 February 2017, at Hotel Tirana International. An opportunity to exchange opinions on ways to empower Albanian citizens, as an alignment of all actors, both political and civic.


The moment of the organization of this Conference is a good opportunity to address this major matter by the political parties already during the electoral campaign for the 18 June 2017 Parliamentary Elections and follow up by the decision-makers coming out of these elections, especially the governing majority, in the concretization of direct forms of direct democracy, as well as other legal mechanisms that aim to empower the citizens’ will.


The International Conference “We the People; Citizens’ Participation and Direct Democracy” is made possible through the financial support and special contribution of the Embassy of Switzerland in Albania, and the financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania and the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Albania.

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Activists of Albanian Coalition of Domestic Observers observe the Presidential Elections in Moldova of October 30th, in the frame of International Elections Observation Mission of ENEMO !



On October 30th, 2016 in the Republic of Moldova will be held the Presidential Elections, which will be observed, also, from International Elections Observation Mission (IEOM) of the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations (ENEMO).


Parts of this mission are also the two Albanian NGO-s: Society for Democratic Culture and KRIIK Albania Association, the two Leading Organizations of the Albanian Coalition of Domestic Observers (CDO).


Please find below the Press Release on the publication of the Interim Monitoring Report on 28 October 2016, prepared by this Mission.




ENEMO Election Observation Mission for the Presidential Elections of 30 October 2016 published the Interim Report


Chisinau, 28 October 2016 - The Election Observation Mission (EOM) of ENEMO for the Presidential Elections of 30 October 2016 in Moldova has issued today its Interim Report, covering the period 11 – 26 October 2016. The Report contains findings and analysis from the Core Team of the mission, based in Chisinau.


ENEMO notes that the legal framework, especially the Election Code, had to be amended just over three months prior to elections, to reflect the Constitutional Court ruling of 4 March 2016 on the unconstitutionality of the election of the President by the Parliament, which, in general runs contrary to good practices for elections. However, the procedures for the election of the President do not differ greatly by the ones already in force for the parliamentary and local elections.


The public sessions and decisions adopted by the Central Election Commission (CEC) have been transparent and accessible to all the observers and citizens, and the CEC has respected legal deadlines for the most important stages of the electoral process. ENEMO commends the measures taken to enable visually impaired voters and, in very few polling stations, voters with hearing impairments, to cast their vote independently and in secrecy.


Of 24 initiative groups registered, only 12 candidates were registered and after two withdrawals and one annulment of the registration, Moldovan citizens will elect their next head of the state among the nine candidates.

The process of the signature collection for registration as a candidate was criticized by some interlocutors, especially independent candidates, who complained about uneven conditions in favor of the candidates from the political parties.

2,816,377 voters are included on the voters’ lists, even though the State Register of Voters (SRV) contains 3.2 million of eligible voters.

The difference is explained by citizens of Moldova residing in Transnistria, voters without a permanent residence registration, and voters with expired ID cards. However, the CEC has adopted a decision that will allow voters without a permanent registration to cast the ballot, while the ones with expired ID cards can obtain a temporary certificate that would enable them to vote. Inclusion of deceased persons in the voter list remains a problem even for these elections, as pointed out by interlocutors.


Concerns on media restriction and polarization, as well as lack of thorough monitoring and adequate sanctions for media that violate the law also continue to be a concern, even for these elections.


Until 25 October, the Central Election Commission has accredited 3094 domestic observers and 504 international observers, as well as 105 domestic observers for polling stations abroad.


ENEMO notes that the procedure for the accreditation of international observers is complicated and not completely transparent, as other bodies, besides the CEC, are involved in it, which, in few cases, has caused delays in the accreditation of international observers


The Election Observation Mission of ENEMO for the Presidential Elections of 30 October 2016 in Moldova is composed of a Core Team of six experts based in Chisinau, which has been deployed in Moldova on 10 October 2016. Additionally, ten teams of short-term observers (STOs) have arrived on Thursday, 27 October, and will be deployed in different areas of the country on Election Day to observe the opening, voting, counting and tabulation of results.


The mission will present its preliminary findings and conclusions on Tuesday, 1 November 2016, through a Press Conference at IPN.


ENEMO’s International Election Observation Mission for the Presidential Elections of 30 October 2016 in Moldova is financially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, within the Accountability Fund Program; and the Black Sea Trust, a Project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.



Read the full Report in English and Romanian.



For further information, please contact Dritan Taulla, Deputy Head of the Mission / PR Officer; email: dritan.taulla@enemo.eu, mob: +373 69 338 473.


Tirana,  on 28 October 2016!

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